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Stats from StatDNS show there are a total of 126,980,556 domains that use the TLD “.com” extension, 14,887,979 domains with a “.net” extension and 10,418,897 with a “.org” extension. These are the so-called “traditional domain extensions. Among gTLDs – the new wave, the most popular ones are .xyz, .top, .loan, .win, and .club (source: nTLDstats). […]

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The single most important thing to remember when creating a content strategy for a company blog is, you must create content in other channels too. It is necessary to reach out to readers and draw them in with an authentic voice, creating a personal connection, and being willing to offer video content in a wide […]

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ICANN News Release

As part of an ongoing process to improve the security of our web applications, the ICANN Registration website will now require that all potential meeting participants verify their email address to complete the registration process.

This added layer of security is designed to ensure the validity of user email addresses and reduce the amount of malicious and spam email accounts currently being utilized.

Once a user has verified their email address, they will not need to re-verify for future meeting registrations, unless they update their email address or use a new one. Unverified email accounts will be unable to complete the registration process, nor will they be able to receive printed credentials at the meeting.

This new verification process will be implemented by 20 May 2017.

Users are encouraged to log into after 20 May 2017 to receive a prompt to validate their email address. Users can then utilize the validation link sent to their email address, or they can enter the emailed confirmation code into the registration site confirmation code prompt.

If users have pre-registered for upcoming meetings, and are unable to visit before the meeting, they will be prompted on-site at the registration kiosks to validate their registration account email address. They can simply enter the email confirmation code at the kiosk prompt.

Registration email validation links and confirmation codes are only valid for 24 hours after they are requested.

If you have any questions about this new process, please send an email to